Saturday, July 5, 2014

I'm a Kleenex Brand Believer!

I was sent a sample of Kleenex tissues from Crowdtap.  I was asked to find a perfect spot to keep my Kleenex tissues, as well as show some different uses for their soft, strong, absorbent tissues (besides nose blowing that is!) We also found a use for the empty box after all the tissues were used up!

First, I was excited to receive my sample. A full sized box of awesome Kleenex brand tissues!! Score.  And, good timing, because both of my kiddos were sniffling, sneezing, and snorting their days away.

First things first, I had to cut out my Box Top for Education.  Love that program!  I was SUPER impressed to see that the boxtop was on the top!  It was on the part that you pull up to open the box and expose the tissues for use.  BRILLIANT!  I hated having to wait until the box was empty to get to the box top!

So, for us right now... the perfect place to store our new box of Kleenex tissues was on the couch with my two  poor sickies!  The two of them used up the whole box in a week! But the box lasted much longer than the second box of store brand tissues they used.  The store brand tissues were much less absorbent, and they had to use twice as many. They were also MUCH rougher on their poor noses!  

I was able to snag a few Kleenex brand tissues from my kids to clean their fingerprints off my computer screen, and take off nail polish.  Kleenex tissues are so strong, that I only needed one tissue for all 10 toes! 

Finally, my little man was inspired to use the empty box when he was feeling better to create a pirate ship.  Check out that plank on the front, and the handy dandy anchor!  He has it in his room and since there is a convenient hole in the top, he uses it to store treasures. 

I was pretty happy with my Kleenex brand tissue sample.  I was super impressed with the absorbency of each tissue, especially when compared side by side with a cheaper store brand.  I am a #KleenexBrandBeliever! 

Disclaimer: I was given this sample for free in exchange for uploading pictures and reviews to my social networks. I was not required to give a positive review, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.