Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Drawer Labels

If your children (and husband) are anything like mine, they can't seem to remember which drawer to put their clothes into. So, I created these labels. I laminated them and attached them to the drawers, and it works like a charm. Even when it doesn't work, they can't claim it's because the didn't know where the items belonged! Enjoy! Follow me on Pinterest!

Monday, September 3, 2012

First day of school teacher gift- a "Just in case" kit

A Luna bar in case she misses breakfast, Easy Mac in case she misses lunch, peanut butter M&M’s in case she needs a snack, Crystal Light energy drink packets in case she feels run down, Tylenol in case she gets a headache, Carmex in case her lips feel chapped, lotion in case she needs moisturized, Tums in case her tummy hurts, throat drops in case she has a tickle, a sewing kit in case she pops a button off, gum in case she has dry mouth, knee highs in case she gets a run, bobby pins in case her hair is out of control, a lint brush in case she gets stray hairs on her clothes, and Always liners in case...you know. What do you think about teacher's gifts for first day of school, Christmas, etc? I like to do them, but a friend of mine was insulted that she felt they were assumed. Thoughts?