Saturday, October 4, 2014

When life gives you lemons... make Sweet'N Low Strawberry Granitas!

Ok, so technically, the recipe for Sweet'N Low Strawberry granitas calls for limes not lemons.
I am a member of #TeamSweetnLow on Crowdtap! I was given a sample of Sweet'N Low in exchange for holding a #Sponsored Sweet'N Low party with my girlfriends.

Well, life intervened, and the day of the party, my son broke his arm. I cancelled the party and got him all taken care of.

So, I got all set up for my party, packed it up and took it on the road. I held a "progressive" party instead. I took my Sweet'N Low samples, my Strawberry Granitas and surprised my friends at their doors with a mini party.

Most of my friends grew up with Sweet'N Low, so they were not at all surprised that this recipe was fabulous! One of my "more mature" (wiser...? chronologically advanced...?) friends was surprised at how tasty it was though, because she didn't think artificial sweeteners could stand up to sugar.  She told me she was "pleasantly surprised" at how much she enjoyed the drink sweetened by Sweet'N Low.