Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Where have I been?

I am wondering why I have not posted in so long. I have been making projects, just been too busy to show ya =) Here is the one I made today.
It looks complicated, but I promise it isn't. I {of course} forgot to take pictures as I went, but here are the super simple directions. 1. Buy 1 large (9-12 inch) terra cotta pot and 6-7 smaller (6 inch) terra cotta pots, soil, flowers, and 1 4-6 ft piece of rebar. 2. Paint them your desired color(s). (Though leaving them plain would be fine too!) 3. If you used acrylic paint, I recommend sealing them with clear spray paint, diamond coat, or brushing with mod podge. 4. When the paint is COMPLETELY dry, ( I recommend overnight) start by pushing the rebar into the ground. I recommend buying the 6 foot piece and sinking it about two feet, but if you can only find 4 foot, that works too. I had 4 foot so it's only in the ground about 6 inches. 5. Slide the largest pot onto the rebar through the drain hole. This will be your base. Fill it with soil and plants. 6. Slide the next pot (a smaller one) onto the rebar through the drain hole. This one you will rest at an angle in the soil of the bottom pot and against the lip. Fill with soil and plants. 7. Slide the next pot on, the angles are achieved by using the rebar to "hold" through the hole and using the pot below to balance. Add soil and flowers as you go, it's much easier than trying to add them at the end. 8. The top pot should just fit onto the rebar, with the top being about 2 inches below the lip of the pot. It's easy peasy! See this and all my other projects and follow me on Pinterest! I found the original pin here.

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