Monday, September 3, 2012

First day of school teacher gift- a "Just in case" kit

A Luna bar in case she misses breakfast, Easy Mac in case she misses lunch, peanut butter M&M’s in case she needs a snack, Crystal Light energy drink packets in case she feels run down, Tylenol in case she gets a headache, Carmex in case her lips feel chapped, lotion in case she needs moisturized, Tums in case her tummy hurts, throat drops in case she has a tickle, a sewing kit in case she pops a button off, gum in case she has dry mouth, knee highs in case she gets a run, bobby pins in case her hair is out of control, a lint brush in case she gets stray hairs on her clothes, and Always liners in know. What do you think about teacher's gifts for first day of school, Christmas, etc? I like to do them, but a friend of mine was insulted that she felt they were assumed. Thoughts?

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