Thursday, January 3, 2013

RS prayer badges

So every week, we (the RS presidency) face the tedious process of finding prayers in RS. Usually we ask 3 or 4 people who all say no before we go to the same reliable people over and over. So... I had the idea of making badges that we will just set on the board. As people come in, if they feel inspired to say the prayer, they grab a badge and wear it. No pressure, no hassle. They are different colors so that we can see at a glance who has volunteered for which prayer. We laminated them, and added badge holders so they just clip onto your blouse. It has been a great tool for us. We have had some people who always said "no" when asked face to face volunteer. Everyone can see it sitting there if no one has volunteered when we start RS, so usually someone will sneak up and grab it. Feel free to use them!

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