Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Best way to peel/chop crayons

There are lots of great tutorials on how to use silicon molds and melt your crayons into shapes. This is not one of these. This is the best way to get the crayons out of the wrappers BEFORE you melt them and make them into better crayons.
Peeling and chopping with a knife is labor intensive and a pain in the...well hands. I thought to myself "Self, there has to be an easier way."
VOILA! I present to you...an easier way. Use a hammer. Start at one end and with a medium amount of pressure start whacking along the whole crayon. The wrapper should tear in one easy line, and the crayon inside is left broken up in perfect small pieces.
You should be able to dump the crayon out in one easy motion and have a whole wrapper to throw away instead of tearing off small ridiculous pieces.
Simple as that. You can divide your colors up easily (or dump them all together if you are going for a multi color look.

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