Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dinkle Sneakytoes returns!

Need some Elf on the Shelf ideas?  Dinkle loves a good prank, here's what he's been up to this year!
Our elf loves to write his name! 

He wrapped all of our family photos up

He built a lego scene

He stole our stockings and gave us socks

He dressed up like Superman

He cut and hung snowflakes all over the house

He made a swing 

He decorated the tree 

He brought us a new decoration

He shrank all of our packages into elf sized ones

He made us Rice Krispie treats

He brought us a yearbook of the things he does when he's not here with us

He staged a prom for all the barbies

He brought us a new movie to watch

He brought the kids chocolate coins

He shrank our Jenga to toy sized

He brought us a new book to read and reminded us that Christmas is about the birth of Christ

He created a giant Frosty friend

He enlisted the help of 8 tiny ponies to pull his sleigh

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