Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tired of seeing naked butts all over your house?

I sure was! I had seen several pins for using nail polish to give Barbie undies, or a tank top and leggings.

I decided to go with nail polish bathing suits, but about half way through I had an idea.
My daughter is OBSESSED with superheroes.  So I decided to give some of her Barbies secret identities!  My absolute favorite is The Flash Barbie... or maybe Wonder Woman Barbie.... or Captain America Barbie... Ok, I LOVE them all.

She is sleeping right now, and hasn't seen them yet. I was so giddy about them, I wanted to wake her up to show her, but eventually talked myself out of that. I will post a picture of her with them tomorrow.

*Update* As promised, here is picture of my girl enjoying her "new" toys, plus a couple of special requests she had today. I had to go buy naked Barbies at Goodwill to make her more! =) Not sure who loves them more, her or me!!


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